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#1 Secret of Writing Google Adword ads

I’ve noticed a few camps advertising on Facebook and Google Adwords lately. If you’re one of them, here’s a tip to improve your ad’s click-through rate: NEVER use your camp’s name as the headline for your ad.

Nobody really cares about your camp’s name. They only care about picking a good camp. Most people scroll through Google’s ads and search result pages until they find something that intrigues them — then they click. Benefits and offers help them do that, but your camp’s name doesn’t.

I just made about $4,000 helping a camp in North Carolina design its Google Adwords strategy. But I’m gonna share the same information with you right now for free.

#1 Secret of Writing Google Adword ads

The #1 secret of getting people to click on your Google ad is writing a descriptive phrase that clearly highlights your offer and benefits AND includes the exact keywords the user’s searching for. Quick example.

Let’s say you and I run competing day camps in Dallas, Texas. Your camp is called “The Fun Summer Camp.” It doesn’t matter what mine’s called.

So a Dallas mom logs onto Google. She’s looking for a day camp. She keys in the words, “Dallas Texas Summer Day Camps.”

Your ad comes up. Your headline says, “The Fun Summer Camp” — it’s the name of your camp, after all.

My ad also comes up directly adjacent to yours. My ads’s headline says, “Dallas Summer Day Camp. Tons of fun for kids like yours. Save 10% today only.”

Now who’s ad do you think she’s gonna click?

Mine, easily.

Why? Because my headline displays a benefit (actually two: saving money and having fun) PLUS is mirrors the user’s exact keyword search. That means she knows she’ll find EXACTLY what she’s looking for by clicking on my ad.

Honestly it’s like taking candy from a baby. But who cares? That’s how it’s supposed to be.

You can’t afford to be wasting money in economic times like these — or in any times for that matter — so you better make your sure your ad’s as effective as possible and you beat your competition where you can.

Remember, the headline is THE MOST IMPORTANT part of your ad, especially for programs like Google Adwords where your ad is buried among so many similar ones and you only get a limited number of typed characters to create it.

If your ad doesn’t smack the reader between the eyes with a great headline, whatever you’re offering within the ad irrelevant if the reader won’t click it in the first place.

If you’re using your camp’s name for your ad’s headline, that’s not a headline, it’s an institutional, self-promotional message that doesn’t do your prospects any good.

If your online (and even print) ads show your camp name as your headline, go back and start over to create something the reader cares about, otherwise you’re throwing your money away.

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