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Sorry Twitter, Facebook Owns You

We’re running a poll right now to find out which social media marketing site works best for camps. Not too many people have voted, but among those who have, Facebook blows Twitter away.

I understand why. Twitter can’t touch Facebook in terms of its marketing potential for camps. There’s so many more moms, kids and families on Facebook it’s not even close. If my camp (Aloha Beach Camp) stopped using Twitter, our enrollment wouldn’t suffer one bit. If we dropped off Facebook, we’d be in trouble, and I’d bet the house your situation is the same.

From what I’ve seen, Twitter is not a good customer lead or acquisition tool. Most of the stuff you see there is no different than the email spam you get. Twitter is mostly filled with people posting NOISY, useless information in hopes you’ll “follow them” or “retweet” their stuff.

(Now if you’re a celebrity or otherwise famous, Twitter’s another way to pump your personal brand. But still, you almost need a fly swatter to filter out all the crap flying through your Twitter feed. That’s why it’s almost better to follow only a few people you hold in high esteem so you don’t get bombarded with updates about their favorite toilet paper brand.)

Now don’t get me wrong. Even though Twitter’s user base is shrinking, it definitely has its benefits or it wouldn’t be popular. One of its benefits for camps seems to be its professional networking and link-sharing potential. Maybe you’ve shared a staff training idea or something through Twitter. In that sense Twitter’s a very good social networking tool, just not a social marketing one.

From a marketing standpoint, Facebook owns Twitter, and I don’t see Twitter catching up anytime soon.

Do you?

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