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How to Increase Your Advertising Response by 500%

If you advertise your camp in print publications like newspapers and magazines or you send sales letters and direct mail, here's two tips that can increase your response rate by as much as 500% (that's 500 percent!!!). Try to design your print ads to resemble actual articles in the publication rather than just another ad in the magazine. If your ad is formatted like all the others it might get lost in the crowd. But when your ad looks more like an article, people will be drawn to it and much more likely to read it. This strategy works best with larger ads at least 1/2 page in size. Regarding direct mail, try making everything you send look like a personal letter. Use short sentences with either Courier New or Times Roman font. Be sure to include lots of bold paragraph sub-heads so your direct mail piece is easy to read and people can find important information fast in case they're only skimming the page. (Italics and underlines help too, but save them for only the mos

Email Marketing Company Blogs are a Great Source of Marketing Information

Email marketing remains the staple of social media marketing. It's by far the most effective when used the right way. One way to best ways pick up interesting and useful social media marketing tips is by reading the blogs of various email marketing companies. Here's three to get you going: