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Customer Surveys: Even Negative Feeback Can Help Your Camp Improve

We all love getting compliments. Someone tells you their kids love camp, it makes you feel good. After all, your #1 job is creating happy campers, right? But what if someone’s unhappy? What if they didn’t like your program? What if they had a bad camp experience?

Well, hopefully they’ll complain to you instead of their friends. When customers complain, it’s not a bad thing. After all, they’re taking time out of their busy schedule to call your attention to a problem (or problems) you might not even have known existed. They’re giving you an opportunity to make things right.

Unfortunately, though, most unhappy customers don’t bother sharing their displeasure with us. Instead they share it with others they know. For every mom who takes the time to complain, there’s too many others spreading negative word of mouth all over the place. Ouch!

So here’s what I suggest. Now that camp’s ended, send a customer survey to all your families. Doesn’t have to be long, involved or expensive. Zoomerang and Survey Monkey are two of the better ones. Don’t be afraid of the results. If you get positive feedback, great. That means you should keep doing what you’re doing. But you should RELISH negative feedback too. It’s an opportunity to capture cheap market research, win back unhappy customers, provide better customer service, and improve to your organization going forward.

BTW, if you haven’t taken the current Customer Survey Quick Poll yet, please do it now and make yourself heard. I’d love to know if you’re sending out surveys or not. (I’m sending mine out tomorrow. I’ll let you know how it goes…)

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