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How to Get Your Emails Opened Every Time

Email marketing is the best social media tool you’ve got. There’s no better way to connect with customers and prospects in the online world.

But your email message means nothing if your recipients don’t open it. If they’re not gonna open you’re email, fine — let that be their choice. But don’t give their email provider the chance to make that decision for them. Don’t call attention to your email as junk, or else it’ll go right into their spam folder and your customers and prospects might miss important information from you they’d have otherwise loved to get.

What gets people to open your email? Your subject line. If it’s a good one, bingo, you’re in. If your subject line sucks, either people won’t bother to open it or, into the round file it goes automatically.

Your ideal email subject lines should be short (but longer than one word) and convey the benefit of your message clearly and concisely.

The quickest way to get your email deleted by your recipient or sucked into spam is with exclamation points, all-capital letters, the word “free,” and saying stupid things like “Please Read This.”

I blogged a while ago about how to make sure your emails don’t get viewed as spam.

For an easy, helpful comparison between good and bad subject lines, check out MailChimp’s subject line comparison, then get started on your next email marketing campaign.

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