Are "Likes" Better Than Links?

In today's social media world, getting "Likes" on your Facebook page are almost as important as when websites link to yours. Soon they'll be more important.

When a popular website links to your camp's website, Google views that link as a "vote" for your site. The vote helps your site rise in the search engine rankings.

When a friend or fan "Likes" your Facebook page, status, blog post, or web page, everyone connected to that person sees the "Like" too. They may be tempted to see what all fuss is about. So they follow the "Like" back to your page. Then, they might "Like" it too...and so on and on....

If you think about it, the Facebook "Like" button -- and Facebook itself -- are becoming their own virtual -- and viral -- search engines. Unreal.


  1. Glad I could fuel your fire today ;) And I'm going to Like this on Facebook...

  2. Thanks Brian, really appreciate the Like and your comment! :)


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