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Are You Killing Puppies? (You are if you’re sending emails to rented or purchased lists!)

Received an email (several, actually) asking my opinion on renting or purchasing email marketing lists. My suggestion is, don’t do it! For one thing, it’s a waste of money, and for another, you’re killing puppies each time you rent or buy email lists.

I’ve met many people over the years who’ve rented or purchased email marketing lists. None of them would do it again. The companies who sell and rent email lists don’t have tremendous reputations, and the email response rates suck (boarding on zero) because the email gets deleted or goes right into spam.

You know me, I’m a HUGE proponent of email marketing done the right way. That means focusing on lead generation by collecting emails for your own house list and then mailing to your list with offers and information that endear the recipients to you.

If the people you’re emailing to don’t know who the heck you are, or if you haven’t gotten their advance permission to send them emails, or if they haven’t specifically requested to receive emails from you, don’t do it. It’s bad form all around.

Now here’s a way you can reach tons of other hot, qualified camper prospects via email in addition to people on your house list: Collaborate with other non-competing businesses (like a kid’s music teacher, for instance) and ask her to send emails to HER list endorsing your camp. Then, do the same for her. This way you reach many other prospects you otherwise wouldn’t, and you’re not pissing them off in the process. To the contrary, the endorsement from a trusted source (in this case the music teacher) could be just your ticket to getting more kids into camp next year.

Now there’s just one more thing. I love dogs. I have two of my own and got them both when they were puppies. I don’t want any more puppies to die, so PLEASE, don’t rent or buy any more email lists. Watch the video to learn more. Thank you!!

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