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Are you Thankful for Your Customers? Send them a Thanksgiving Card

Everyone sends Christmas cards in December. Why not send your customers Thanksgiving cards instead?

When I think back, I can’t recall if my doctor, lawyer, or gardener sent me Holiday cards last year. They certainly may have, because I get so many. But I can’t say for sure.

Now on the flip side, there’s one person I can DEFINITELY single out as someone who sends me Thanksgiving cards each year: my accountant, Phil Ross. He’s the only person I know who sends them.

Phil’s a shrewd marketer. He understands that with so many Holiday cards flying around, dozens get lost in the crowd. So here’s what he does. He sends Thanksgiving cards instead, timed to arrive just before the typical Christmas card rush to help himself really stand out from the crowd.

Sending Thanksgiving cards is a low-cost, high impact way to get a marketing advantage. No other camps I know of send Thanksgiving cards, so here’s
your chance to be among the first. You can personalize your Thanksgiving cards by sending a hand-written note with a few lines of text on each one. Or if you don’t want to commit that much time, just buy some Thanksgiving cards at your local stationary store, sign each one and send them out.

Either way, you’ll show your customers and prospects how much you appreciate them while separating yourself from competitive camps who are too lazy or don’t care enough about their camper families to do this. Just remember, November’s already here, so be sure to get started today.

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