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The Easy Way to Get More Referrals

There’s lots of ways to get more referrals. But here’s the easiest one I know. Set two different prices for your camp tuition. When someone contacts you to ask how much it costs (that’s their favorite question, right?), you simply reply, “Well, do you want the regular price, or the referral price?” This will pique their interest like crazy, at which point you tell them the price of camp goes down a few bucks for each referral they give you. Your word-of-mouth enrollment will increase like gangbusters, trust me on this one.


  1. Seth Houser Seth Houser November 18, 2010

    Eric, I look forward to reading your posts every day. They are super super useful.

    It seems like this is similar to a "$40 off for every friend you bring" discount? Am I wrong?

  2. Eric Naftulin Eric Naftulin November 18, 2010

    Thanks for the kind words, seth. Thanks also for reading the blog. I think it's exactly like that. In fact you can give pretty much any kind of discount you want for a referral. If you're running a great camp, you'll get the referrals organically anyway. But since people are motivated by money, this is a way to facilitate word of mouth even faster ๐Ÿ™‚

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