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Search Engine Optimization Tip: Incorporate Keyword and Keyword Phrases into Your Blog Post Titles and Website Pages

Keywords and keyword phrases are the words people type into Google to find your camp online. For example, if someone types Los Angeles Summer Camp into Google, my camp’s website might come up, or maybe one of my blog posts.

To increase your chances of your blog posts or website showing at the top of Google every time, your blog post title and website pages should mirror the keywords and keyword phrases you include in those blog posts and page titles.

Google’s main interest is showing relevant search results to a user’s query. If your blog posts and website pages match the words someone’s keying into Google, you can’t get much more relevant that that. Or can you?

Yes, you can. There is one fail-proof search engine optimization secret that’ll get your site to the top of Google (and ALL the search engines, actually) every time. Not 9 out of 10 times. Every time.

Think I’m blowing smoke? Keep reading this blog, because I might share the secret I’m talking about soon…

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