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Two Customer Service Principles to Keep in Mind

If you’re singling out the top two or three marketing tips for camps, customer service gets my vote. When you’re putting together your customer service marketing strategy, here’s where you might start:

1. Get people to know, like, and trust you

If I know you, you’re more likely to do business with people you know, like and trust than others you don’t know. All else being equal, you can bet camp family prospects feel the same way. Even if your camp’s more expensive, they’ll gladly pay more if they know, like, and trust you compared that shyster running a cheaper camp across town.) 

2. Speed, Speed Speed.

Next you need to focus on speed. Respond immediately to customer’s questions. Be available at all times. Address problems instantly. Don’t make people wait.

If you apply these two rules consistently, soon your camp will become known for providing great service and your enrollment will see a nice boost because of it.

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