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Your Most Underutilized Marketing Tool

I posted on Facebook the other day the opportunity to discover your camp’s most underutilized marketing tool. I asked for 15 “Likes,” then I’d reveal the tool. No dice. Only got 6 likes. Too bad because it’s such an easy strategy to implement and guaranteed to get you more enrollment for basically no work. Anyway, I’m keeping the info to myself for now. Maybe I’ll share it another time.


  1. Brian Paff Brian Paff November 17, 2010

    Sorry, but that is a ridiculous proposition. You typically provide really great content, and we value that, but to shame us as readers for not dishing out enough "Likes" on Facebook is just bad practice. And the pop-up ads connected to the pseudo-links in your post strip credibility and trust.

  2. Eric Naftulin Eric Naftulin November 17, 2010

    Hi Brian,

    Thanks for your valuable feedback. Really appreciate the comment. Glad you get (mostly) positive experiences by reading my blog. Obviously we're not gonna agree on everything and I can't please everyone (you included) all the time.

    BTW, requesting Facebook likes in exchange for entering contests, drawings, receiving information, and so forth is one of the best ways to get more exposure on any facebook page. I can't tell you how to feel, but if I were you, I wouldn't feel "shamed" one bit. I wanted to share the information, but not enough people wanted to
    Both of us missed out.

    Concerning "psuedo-links," I confess I have no idea what you're talking about. There are definitely ads on my blog, so if that's what you mean, and you don't like it, don't click on the ads, easy solution. If such ads make you trust me less, or limit my credibility, the solution there is simply to not read the blog at all or, if you continue doing so, take what I say (including marketing advice) with a grain of salt. (Perhaps you know more about marketing than I, who knows?)
    Thanks again for your comment, man. All the best to you. Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Holidays!

  3. Brian Paff Brian Paff November 17, 2010

    Thanks for your engagement, Eric. First of all, I don't mind the ads. And I do appreciate your blog (I subscribe via RSS, and usually read it in my reader). The links aren't there when I view your post anymore, but several words in it were underlined like hyperlinks. When I hovered over them, spry messages appeared with offers (which seemed misleading). I'm not sure what happened there.

    You certainly haven't lost me as a reader. And your thoughtful response builds even more trust (glad we can be on the same page).

    Sorry I came off harsh; it just seemed a bit whiny (like "see what happens when you don't listen to me???" that parents chide their children with). Perhaps just repressed guilt on my end.

    Oh, and I hold no pretense to know more about marketing than you do. In my second year in the field and trying to absorb as much as possible.

    Keep up the good work…


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