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How Much Money Does Making One Follow Up Phone Call Mean to You?

In the past few days or weeks you may have (hopefully) started getting inquiries from families about camp this year. Don’t forget to follow up by telephone a few days after sending people their requested information.

Most people won’t call you again after making initial contact. You gotta be proactive and check in on them. Make sure they got their info and do they have any questions.

The more follow up calls you make, the more enrollment you’ll get. Let’s say 100 families call you for a camp brochure. You follow up a week later with all of them. Ninety-nine aren’t interested. But even if just one person out of every 100 follow up calls you make registers for camp, think about this: What if you made 1,000 calls? 2,000 calls? More? That’s a LOT of kids just for using the telephone which you’re doing every day already!

If you have a good lead-generation strategy in place, you might be able to fill your camp just by making follow phone up calls. Even if you don’t like telemarketing, this is a tool you can’t neglect. 

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