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How to Build a Sales Force Like the Big Boys

Recently we talked about having your customers and staff serve as your camp’s “sales team.” Maybe you can take this notion further. Why not have a “real” sales force like the big companies do?

Did you know many salespeople make more money their company presidents, CEOs and executives? If you can find a few salespeople adept at signing up kids on your behalf left and right, you certainly won’t mind them making more money than you!

Look on job boards and classified ads for people who would like to work for 5% – 25% commission. Train them about the details of how your camp operates so they can get out and start finding kids for you. When a family registers for camp, you pay half the commission due. You pay the other half when the camper completes his or her enrollment time.

The thing I really like about this idea is you get the potential to reach countless kids and families you otherwise wouldn’t, but you don’t have to pay any money for it unless you get concrete results.

What do you think?

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