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How to Market Your Summer Camp Seminars Coming Soon

Had a great time at Tri-State. Did a session on “How to Triple Your Enrollment in One Year.” In case you missed it, the way to triple your enrollment is simply to have each current camper refer at least 2 new kids to camp. PRESTO! You’ve tripled your enrollment the easy way!

I will try to post the main points of my Tri-State session here soon. Meanwhile, don’t forget I will be offering a few “How to Market Your Summer Camp” seminars this fall at various locations across the country. This way it will be easy for everyone to attend no matter where you live. 
If you enjoy the blog, you won’t want to miss the seminar(s) because these posts are just scratching the surface. The really good stuff will be in the seminars. 
Details coming soon…let me know if you have questions.


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