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What’s Your Social Influence? (Google wants to know…)

Some of the most recent relevant changes to the way Google ranks your website is your level of  “social influence” online.

By social influence, I am referring to your social media activities and your customer’s and fans interactions and references to your camp online.

As you’ve probably noticed, the stuff you’ve shared online (such as links on twitter, for instance) often show up first in Google’s search results. So do reviews people have written about your camp.

In the past we blogged about the notion of Facebook “Likes” being better than inbound links from other websites. You might want to check out that post if you have the time.
Meanwhile, if I were you, I’d be focusing on getting as many “Likes” as you can and as many customer reviews as you can. Doing so would be highly worthwhile from a search engine marketing standpoint.

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