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Please support the future of my camp!

Dear Camp Friends,

I would not typically use this space to make a personal appeal, but something has come up recently which could affect the the future of my summer camp program so I ask for your help.

As many of you know, I have owned and operated a summer beach and surf camp for kids in Malibu, CA called Aloha Beach Camp for the past 12 years. I am able to operate the camp because the Los Angeles County gov’t issues beach use permits on an annual basis allowing me to do so. Obtaining the permit has been relatively simple all these years; all I need to do is tell the County by October of each year that I intend to run the camp again for the subsequent summer, and then they issue the permit.

But now they want to change their process for issuing beach camp permits. Instead of the simple renewal system they have historically used, they are proposing the implementation of a competitive and selective bidding process. Permits would potentially be issued to the highest bidder with limited qualifications running camps. So, this means I could not only lose my camp permit to someone with deep pockets, but further, any action taken by LA County to put in place a new camp operator who could literally be learning on the job would obviously put camper safety in jeopardy at the beach!

I’ll close this post by asking you to help support my cause, which I call “NO BIDDING FOR BEACH CAMP PERMITS,” on Facebook. You can do so by following this link and clicking the Like button on that page.

That’s it for now. I won’t bring this stuff up anymore on this page. I’ll stick to your marketing and that will be that. Thank you very much again,


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