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How to Fill Your Camp in February, Not May, June or NEVER!

Unfortunately for most camp directors, the harsh reality is the traditional “sign up for camp months” of January and February are probably gone forever. You can’t count on selling out by then anymore. The new reality is that the economy still sucks, the future’s uncertain, there’s too many other options for kids to do, and people are holding onto their money till the very last second. What does this mean? It means the NEW “sign up for camp months” are May, June and July — this is when most of your enrollment will come in — if you’re lucky. Many camps bit the dust and are gone forever due to the recession.

Good news though. With the right marketing approach, you can still fill TONS of your available enrollment slots during the early winter months. That’s still possible for you, even if it doesn’t feel that way. We’ll go into greater detail about this in our marketing workshop this fall. I’m not sure whether the workshop will be online, or in L.A., or in Chicago or Atlanta (all of these are options right now.) I’ll have more information about this soon, so keep checking back when you can.

— Eric

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