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Need More Word of Mouth Referrals? Consider Hiring Moms!

Want to build your word of mouth program to get more campers? Have you considered hiring moms?

In this economy, you KNOW there’s tons of people (especially moms) looking for part-time jobs. If you’re a day camp, why not hire moms (as camp counselors, for office help, whatever) to help you get some stuff done? They’ll be grateful for the opportunity, and you can bet they’ll tell all their friends about the great new job they got a local summer camp.

If you run an overnight camp, you could hire moms to work from home, remotely, right from their computers. Imagine the following scenario.

You hire a mom or two to help you with some office work. They’re on their home computers  They take a 5 minute break from work to log onto Facebook. They update their status with a post about their new job working for your resident camp, and they’re just taking a quick break to see what’s happening on Facebook.
All their friends see their post about the new summer camp job. All their friends start asking questions on Facebook about your camp…wow! Just imagine what this could mean for you!

Next time you need some part-time help, or even to fill a full-time position or two, consider hiring moms at camp. It’s a winning proposition.

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