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How to Get More Campers from the Same Number of Website Vistors

Chances are you have several pages of your website where visitors spend the most time. Once you determine which pages these are, you can leverage this information to get more campers from the same amount of website traffic you already have.

In my case, I discovered that web pages which include pictures of both counselors and campers seem to keep website visitors on the page at least twice as long as other web pages which include photos of kids, but not staff.

(You might give this a try and see if you get the same results for your own website and associated photos. If you don’t know how to get statistics like these for your website, ask your web host who will be able to help you.)

In any event you can be sure you have at least some pages of your website where visitors hang around much longer than others. Once you have identified which web pages are your most popular, your next step is to implement strategies to convert them into paying campers. Two ideas come to mind.

First, add a “Tell a Friend” or “Forward this Web Page to a Friend” tool on these pages. You stand a VERY strong chance of people forwarding your stuff, because obviously this particular page (or pages) is of more interest (and therefore more “sharable”) to your prospects than other pages of your site.

The next thing you should do is make a prominant link to your camp registration form along with your offer, because now that you have hot prospects, it’s your best chance to capitalize on your website conversion strategies.

It’s not easy always increasing website traffic, and it’s especially not easy turning website visitors in actual campers. So you might as well work with what you’ve already got. You can convert more website visitors into paying campers simply by understanding how to convert them better.

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