How Google Displays its Search Results

Fantastic video from Google about how they continually work to improve their search engine and results for users. Astounding to learn they change their algorithm EVERY DAY!


  1. It is important for SEO Philippines experts to learn how Google come up with its results. Since it is the dominating search engine, your standing here matters the most.

  2. I have always wondered on how Google transmit search results so fast. This explains it all. Thanks for sharing!

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  3. I didn't know that Google change their algorithm everyday. I am really impress how Google come up with its results.

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  4. I definitely agree with all the comments. Google has made some innovative changes that would make easy for SEO's out there.

  5. Most SEO companies have the knowledge's on how to adjust in case Google has an update. The best thing in Google is, they always wanted to give reliable information to the people that's why they're doing this innovation for the people and to the businesses.


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