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How to Create an Online Press Release Search Engines Will Love

Do you market your camp with press releases? Maybe you’ve hired a new staff member, added a new ropes course, upgraded your water slide or made other improvements to your camp program and you want to share the news with the world. Sending a press release (or more than one) to the media’s a great way to do this.

Certainly you can send out your press releases the traditional way, via “snail mail” to various news outlets and publications and all that. But you can also send out your press releases online. In fact many journalists and members of the media prefer getting press releases this way.

There’s several points to consider when creating your online press release. One of the most important things to consider is how to make your press release favorable to search engines so as many people as possible see it, such as the various keywords and keyword phrases people normally search on to find your camp. Here’s how to write an online press release Google will love.

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