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Marketing Tip for Resident Camps: Healthy Food for Kids is THE Hot New Restaurant Menu Trend for 2012

If you’re looking for a new marketing angle to help your resident camp stand out from the crowd, you might want to focus on your nutritious meal program…and FAST.

Everyone knows camp food doesn’t have the best reputation. But here’s your chance to change your customers’ and prospects’ impressions and win some enrollments in the process. The National Restaurant Association just conducted a survey of 1,800 professional chefs, who stated children’s nutrition will be one of the hottest restaurant menu trends of 2012. This video describes more:

As a camp director, you MUST find a way to piggyback on these findings and use them to your advantage. I don’t run an overnight camp, but if I did, I’d start a marketing campaign right now highlighting all the healthy, nutritious meals campers enjoy at our program three times a day, everyday they’re at camp.

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