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Writer's Block? Here's 5 Places to Find New Ideas for Your Next Blog Post or Content Marketing Strategy

Need some new ideas for your camp's blog, website, article marketing, or other content marketing strategies? Here's five places to find them: 1. Blog Comments If your blog is doing its part, you're probably getting user comments. You can find hidden gems within these blog comments to use as blog posts of your own. For example, when a camp director left me a comment recently expressing her opinion Google Adwords is a waste of money, it gave me the idea to write about the Google Adwords program in detail on my blog. (And by the way, you can also find blog post ideas in emails you receive. Last week somebody emailed me about Aloha Beach Camp's transportation program, so next week I'm posting a detailed description about our transportation program on Aloha Beach Camp's blog.) 2. Invite Friends, Family Members, Employees, Industry Pros, and Anyone Else You Can Think of to Write Guest Blog Posts For You This coincides with my preferred marketing strategy of ge

Facebook Marketing Group Privacy Setting Changed to "OPEN"

Several people have mentioned they want to join our summer camp marketing group on Facebook, but the "closed" privacy setting was making it difficult for them. My apologies to anyone having trouble getting involved. We just changed the status of the group to OPEN, meaning anyone can join now without requesting permission. If we start getting spam and other unwanted comments and postings, we'll need to go back to "closed." But for now, as long as you're into camp marketing, please feel free to join and add/invite your friends, too! Here's the link:

10 Ways to Amp Up Your Marketing Program Right Now

Great video from marketing consultant John Jantsch:

How to Get 264 More "Likes" on Your Facebook Page Today

Here's an idea which can help each of us get as many as 264 more LIKES on our respective facebook fan pages today. There's 264 people who "LIKE" this Camp Marketing News blog. If each of the 264 of us LIKE each other's facebook pages, we'll each get 264 more likes right away. That's about as viral as your marketing can get! Here's how we do it. First, go to my Aloha Beach Camp fan page at and "Like" the page. After you've done that, come back here and leave a comment under this post letting me (and everyone else) know you've liked my page. Be sure to include a link to your camp's facebook page in your comment. At that point I'll immediately return the favor and like your page too. If all of us do the same for each other, we'll all get as many as 264 likes right away! :) Here's the link to my page again: . Don't forget t

Here's an Email Marketing Strategy You Might Not Have Considered

I love email marketing for many reasons, but mainly because it lends itself nicely to the two core strategy principals I use when marketing my own camp, which are to: Enter new markets quickly, and  Get other people to do your marketing for you Here's what you do. You form alliances with other complimentary youth and family-serving businesses and organizations, then get them to send emails to their customers on your behalf. For instance, if you run a resident camp in New Jersey and want to reach more prospects in San Diego, you can contact various family-focused restaurants there (in San Diego) to propose a partnership. Maybe you could offer the restaurant manager free camp sessions for his or her kids if he or she, in turn, emails their customer base endorsing your camp. It's not easy to set these programs up. But this strategy is very doable, because I do it myself all the time and help others do it, too. I assure you, once you set some of these programs up, you'

Join our Facebook Marketing Group

Please join our summer camp marketing group on Facebook where we share and discuss all things related to promoting our summer camps. It's a "closed" group, but just go to this link to request permission to join. Once you do that, you're in!

Tips for Marketing to Moms

Here's a couple articles to check on regarding how to market to moms: 7 Tips for Marketing To Moms  2012 Predictions for Marketing to Moms I read them both, thought they were valuable, hope you do too.

Add Your Camp to for Free

Help me build the largest FREE summer camp search engine in the world. It's called , and it's almost ready to launch -- all I need is your summer camp info so I can add it to the site and we're ready to go. This is free advertising for you. It's like all the other summer camp search engines out there, except it's free. If you want to add your camp, please email me at with the following information: 1. Name of your camp 2. Camp location (city and state) 3. Type of camp (day or overnight/resident) 4. Program emphasis (main activity/activities you offer) 5. Short (25 word description) of your program 6. Website address (so I can link your listing to your website) That's it!  Don't miss out on this. The more camps that join, the higher the site will be ranked. I'm also doing the site in blog-style format so we can eventually get (and keep) top search result rankings. One note, I am expecting a large number of camps

Are Google's Search Results Bad on Purpose?

You know me, I'm a search engine marketing nut. I'm always looking for ways to crack the Google search results code. Most of the time I can get a site ranked pretty highly after just a little while. But I was talking to a friend over the Holidays (she owns a search engine marketing firm) who shared an interesting theory with me I never considered before. Her feeling is Google may be displaying organic (natural) search results POORLY on purpose, so users will click on the PAID search results (ads) so they (Google) can make more money. Interesting thought. What do you think?