Here's an Email Marketing Strategy You Might Not Have Considered

I love email marketing for many reasons, but mainly because it lends itself nicely to the two core strategy principals I use when marketing my own camp, which are to:
  1. Enter new markets quickly, and 
  2. Get other people to do your marketing for you

Here's what you do. You form alliances with other complimentary youth and family-serving businesses and organizations, then get them to send emails to their customers on your behalf.

For instance, if you run a resident camp in New Jersey and want to reach more prospects in San Diego, you can contact various family-focused restaurants there (in San Diego) to propose a partnership. Maybe you could offer the restaurant manager free camp sessions for his or her kids if he or she, in turn, emails their customer base endorsing your camp.

It's not easy to set these programs up. But this strategy is very doable, because I do it myself all the time and help others do it, too. I assure you, once you set some of these programs up, you'll gain access to huge, new prospect bases you never had before. And the time you put into getting these programs off the ground is nothing compared to the dividends they'll pay in the form of many new campers down the road.


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  2. Email marketing is a very great way to spread the word, I suggest that you make it personal so that it wouldn't be sent to the spam folder. Thanks.

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  7. i never done this way of Email marketing strategy for my business. But i am wondering how this can help me in increasing traffic and business to my website.

  8. Great post! I'm always happy to learn new things especially for marketing blogs. I find blog commenting to be tacky but it's totally effective.

  9. Email marketing is still a very useful tool when you want to target specific markets. I still use it from time to time.

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