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How to Add a Map to Your Website

Do you have a map of your location on your website? Your camp’s location and facilities are a big part of what you’re selling. In fact for many camps, their locations are their competitive advantage. If you’ve got a great location, better maintenance, a special lease or permit nobody else can get, or you just want to help curious parents know where you’re located, you need to include a map on your website.

Adding a map to your website is so easy, there’s no reason not to add one. Here’s how:

  1. Go to Google Maps
  2. Enter the address for your camp’s (summer) location. You will then see a map of your site and the surrounding area. Zoom in or out if you want to.
  3. Find the “LINK” icon adjacent to the upper left hand corner of the map (top right hand corner of text side of the page).
  4. Click the “LINK” icon.
  5. You will now see two sets of code. Click the bottom one that says “Paste HTML to embed in website.” The code should now be highlighted.
  6. Copy and paste the highlighted code into your website wherever you want your map to appear. 
  7. That’s it! Now you’ve got a location map on your website.

I visited lots of camp websites before writing this post and didn’t find too many with maps on their sites. I’m as guilty as anyone. But the reason I don’t include a map on my site is because I run an itinerant program format. We’re moving around each day to different beaches and lakes and all that, so I can’t have 50 different maps on my site. But if you’ve got a fixed site location, you absolutely need a map so parents and kids know exactly where you’re located and you can show off your amazing facilities to the world. 

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