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Camper Retention, PR, New Activities and Social Media Idea Wrapped into One

Here's a way to keep campers thinking -- and talking -- about your camp even after it's over and everyone's back in school: Include them in your program activity planning for next summer now. Send an email or letter to your list (you can target just last year's campers or previous years, too). Tell them you're already gearing up to make summer 2013 the best season ever, but you need their help, creativity and ideas for fun new activities, skits, adventures, etc. for camp next year. You could turn this into a contest, and even kids to work together in teams (they're all connected via social media these days anyway, so even a past camper living in New York can work together with one in Denver) to develop the best activity, and the team (or teams) coming up with actual activities you use at camp next year gets a prize. Don't you think all these kids would want to come back to see the activity THEY created in action? You bet! And you might even incorporate

Video Marketing Tip

If you market your summer camp with videos (and I hope you do), be careful not to post them on YouTube alone. Google's search results shows videos from sites all across the Internet. So in addition to YouTube, post your videos to Vimeo and Daily Motion  for more exposure.

How'd Enrollment Go?

After a long time off we're back blogging again. We just posted a quick poll where you can (anonymously) display your satisfaction (or dissatisfaction) with your enrollment this summer. Vote now!