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Does Your Camp Create Memories to Last a Lifetime? Well Guess What? Nobody Cares.

Question: Which camp’s marketing message is this?:

“Sign up for our camp because your child will make new friends and create memories that last a lifetime.” 

Answer: Way too many of them.

First of all, nobody cares, mostly because it’s a boring message.

Second, those words don’t mean anything special. You can make new friends and create lifetime memories anywhere you want — I did it at a sushi bar last night — so it’s clear you don’t need a camp experience to make friends and memories.

Third, if I’m a parent contemplating summer camps and I see and hear those far-too-common words everywhere I look from just about every camp, why in the world should I choose yours?

Parents and kids want something different, special, unique. You need to find out what separates your camp from the crowd, then promote the heck out of that message.

THEN people will take crazy notice of your awesome program!

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