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Where to Find the Best Keywords for Your Website

A camp director named Chris asked how to find his main keywords so he could optimize his website for search engines. I told him he could use a paid service like Wordtracker or Google’s free Adwords tool. But as I explained to Chris, your principle keywords are likely right under your nose and you have already created them yourself.

If you take a look around your website and blog, you will notice a pattern. The same phrases and word choices will come up over and over again, meaning your very best keywords will always appear naturally in your writing. Here’s what I mean.

Much of my own website content includes the phrase, “Los Angeles surf camps.” I use those words (or a similar variation) frequently to describe my program. (And not just in writing; I say that phrase over and over when talking to parents and kids in person, too.) Those are some of my best keywords, helping me to optimize my site the best. In fact if you type those keywords into Google, Aloha Beach Camp will generally come up first (or close to it) every time.

So take a look around your site or blog. Unless your website content is severely disjointed, you’ll definitely notice a similar phrase or two (or more) coming up often that you use to describe your program. That means you’ve already created your very best keywords on your own, and even better, they are most likely the same ones parents and kids type into Google when looking for a camp like yours.

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