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How to Get Twice As Many People to Attend Your Next Live Marketing Event

If you market your camp with site tours, open houses, camp fairs and other live events, here’s an easy way to get at least twice as many prospects to attend these important marketing functions: If each person attending the event brings at least one friend, you’ve doubled your attendance just like that.

This should not be hard to do. You can offer them a coupon. You could say, “if you’re coming to our open house this weekend, bring a friend and we’ll give you both a coupon for a free ice cream cone from 31 Flavors.” (Be sure Baskin-Robbins donates the coupons so you’re not paying for the ice cream yourself. They’ll be glad to, if you pitch them the right way.)
Another idea: If you’re attending a camp fair, you can say to your prospects, “If you stop by our booth with a friend, you can both enter our “Friends Win Free Camp Contest” or something like that.
You get the idea. The point it is, if only one person is planning on attending your next event, and you convince them to bring a friend, now TWO people are coming, and so on and on….

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