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Risk-free Lead Generation Service For You

Recently we asked camps about their biggest marketing challenge. “Not enough new leads” topped the list.

So that got me thinking, how can we all get more leads without risking a dime? By participating on the new website, that’s how.

As many of you know I’ve operated Camp Coupons for the past several years, but haven’t given it the attention it deserves. That’s changing because I’m about to give the site, and how it’s marketed, a complete makeover so you can get more leads for your camp, if you decide to participate on

As you know, saving money is what almost every family needs to do just to get by these days. If you can give them a break — even just a small one — on their summer camp tuition, or a discount to your camp store, or half-off an overnight campout, or a nice new customer special designed however you want, or whatever else you might want to offer — you could gain a new, loyal customer for life with this simple initial gesture.

I expect the new site to be up and going by February. I’m going to really push it hard from a marketing standpoint, with tons of social media exposure through Facebook, Twitter and more. If you decide to participate, you could get lots of new leads, but you will ONLY pay when you get one, so you don’t have to worry about paying for advertising that might not work. Here’s how it will work:

  1. Site will be designed in blog-style format to keep it atop the search engine rankings. 
  2. As a participating camp, you’ll be able to post your contact info, pictures, program descriptions, coupon offers and more on your own blog post page
  3. Prospect (camp parent, etc.) will log onto to search for camps and coupon  information
  4. When parent finds desired camps/coupons, they will fill out a form, providing their contact info. They will not be able to access your coupons without completing the form.
  5. Upon form submission, coupon will be emailed to parent
  6. Simultaneously to when the parent submits form and receives their coupon via email, an email will be sent to you alerting you that someone has not only downloaded your coupon, but also containing all the contact info of the parent who accessed your coupon so you can follow up with them.

I am still working out the fee structure for camps that want to participate, but most likely, it won’t cost you anything to list a coupon, you will only be charged a small fee (couple bucks) when someone downloads (requests) your coupon. And remember, you will receive their contact info too.

So that’s the preliminary scoop. Any questions let me know. Have a great week!

– Eric

EDIT: Don’t fill out any forms on the existing Camp Coupons website because it’s not ready to go yet!

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  1. Marley Marley December 18, 2012

    I like this idea! I am looking forward to hearing more from you Eric. I personally love coupons so this will be interesting to see how it plays out in the camp world, and to develop new inquiries.

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