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Best Place to Distribute Your Flyers? School Carpool Lines

Is marketing with flyers included in your camp’s marketing plan? It should be. Flyers are just about the cheapest advertising materials to produce, and when distributed in the right places, unbelievably effective.

You can distribute your flyers everywhere. Pediatrician’s offices, telephone poles, little league fields, camp fairs. But where’s the NUMBER ONE place to hand them out?

School carpool lines.

Seriously, have you EVER seen more moms sitting around doing absolutely NOTHING about 10 or 15 minutes before their kids get out of school? This is an incredibly captive audience for you.

Now you might be wondering whether this type of solicitation is kosher, especially in a school environment. Different places have different rules and regulations, so you’ll need to check with yours before undertaking this remarkably effective marketing strategy.

If you’re walking up and down a public sidewalk handing out flyers, you might be fine, but again, you need to check first. The best way I’ve found to make this work is doing deals directly with the schools themselves, where you can actually distribute the flyers on school property for a fee to the school or a percentage of any enrollments I get due to handing out the flyers.

See if you can swing this too, it’s easily worth the effort.

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  1. Anonymous Anonymous March 25, 2014

    We send the flyers home with the kids in their school notes. Our SAU allows it so long as it says "Monadnock Bible Conference is a non profit organization" and "this is not a school sponsored event"
    This way we reach every family and some more than once ๐Ÿ™‚

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