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How to Move Prospects through the Sales Cycle and Convert them into Campers Even when They're Guarded From the Outset

"We're getting lots of camper leads, but having trouble converting them into paying customers." I hear this complaint often from camp marketers all the time. Even more troubling, many folks say they lose touch with prospects after the initial contact is made. (The obvious reason why that's bad is because many prospects require a lengthy sales-cycle process, meaning you need to connect with them many times before they warm up to you or they're ready to make a decision about signing up for camp. So if you're having issues reconnecting with prospects after the initial  time, that's a big strike against you.) Here's how to fix this. The first thing is, you need a PLAN - a strategy - for handling every phone call, email and personal contact with prospects from the outset. You need to decide what you're trying to accomplish EVERY TIME you connect with someone. It's similar to what I tell my kids when they're in the on-deck circle befor