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Gay Families With Children: An Emerging Market For Camps

Did you know 25% percent of gay and lesbian couples are now raising kids? That’s an ASTOUNDING number and it’s up to you and me to develop effective marketing programs to reach them. Check this out.

I was talking with a friend of mine, named Kevin, on the phone yesterday who owns a successful chain of used car dealerships. Kevin is gay, married, and has two kids who attend my camp each year.

Kevin sells cars to everyone, but said one of the fastest growing market segments in his business is selling mini-vans to same-sex couples. As more gay couples marry, he explained, they add children to their families, creating the need for larger family-style cars.

This is good news for anyone who markets goods and services to families. In the past, the three most significant target markets for camps were parents, kids and grandparents. Same-sex families are now a very real, large and emerging market for you and for every camp.

( I confess my camp enrollment form does not have a form field for “Other Mother” or “Other Father.” But considering Kevin’s not the only gay parent who sends his kids to my camp, now may be just the right time…)

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