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Mobile Marketing to Moms is the Next Big Thing

I’m a HUGE proponent of mobile marketing, especially to moms. Moms may not actually register for camp on the mobile phones, but it’s one of the top places they gather and share pictures and information with their friends.

It goes without saying you need a mobile-optimized website and should definitely be on instagram (if nowhere else) so moms can send photos of your camp to their friends via mobile.

Three things for you to know:

1. I am developing a new website called Camps will be able to send text messages and conduct mobile marketing programs to customers and prospects via their cell phones. This is a HUGE opportunity for camps everywhere. I’ll let you know when the website’s ready.

2. I suggest reading this article from which describes the best way to reach moms on their mobile devices (which is by providing information as explained above).

3. Here’s one more article on one of the best ways to reach the mom demographic…How? By going mobile!

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