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Want to Run a Better Summer Camp? Adopt a “Beat the Competition” Mindset

Camp people are a friendly bunch. We share information and ideas freely. That’s one of the great things about being in the camp industry.

But don’t let your guard down.

It’s an undeniable fact that many of us are going after the same kids. And if running a great camp is important to you, maintaining a mindset of beating your competition should be a key component of your summer camp marketing plan.

Don’t feel uneasy about this. We’re not talking about some cutthroat marketing campaign like Dominos against Pizza Hut where they bash each other in public all the time.

But it does mean you need to run a better program than other camps so people have a reason to choose you instead.

Look at it this way.

What if your very best friend runs a summer camp right next door to you? Odds are prospects are comparing you to each other. Assuming they’re comparing apples to apples, you’d rather get those kids than let them go next door, right?

Beating your competition — whoever they are or whatever that means to you — keeps you on your toes, improves your marketing edge and ultimately helps you deliver an outstanding camp program. This is good for your campers and their families, since they’re the ones who will ultimately benefit the most.

Here’s an article from American Express that might help you consider ways to beat your competition in the summer camp industry.

As long as you play fair and ethically, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t do everything you can to get more kids than the next guy.

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