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Summer Camp Marketing Tip for Resident Camps

One of my favorite summer camp marketing strategies is stealing ideas from other industries then applying them to camp. If you look around, you’ll find most summer camps market the same way. If you want to find fresh, creative ideas and better results, you gotta look outside the box.

Sleepaway camps have a GOLDEN example to follow for finding marketing ideas outside camp. The hotel, travel, tourism and destination marketing industries are your jackpots.

Don’t wait another minute to research these kinds of companies and industries and apply their marketing ideas to your camp. After all, they’re trying to do the same thing you are — attract visitors through the purchase of room nights, food, retail items, etc. — so why not see what the really successful ones are doing and grabbing their ideas and running with them?

Look at their ads, websites, social media sites. View their Yelp and TripAdvisor sites. Read their customer reviews. I’m pretty sure you’ll pick up more than one valuable marketing strategy to use at your summer camp from this exercise.

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