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How to Convert More Leads into Paid Enrollments

One of one most frustrating marketing problems every camp director shares is how to turn leads into paying campers.Want to know the quickest way to improve lead conversions off the bat?

Increase your response time when you get a lead.

When prospects want information, they want it now. When a potential customer takes the time out of their busy schedule to reach out to you, THAT VERY MOMENT signifies your best opportunity to convert them into a paying camper.

You must be easy to reach and quick to respond. Here’s what I mean.

Last summer I was looking for a camp for my three kids (they go to other camps besides mine). I narrowed down my interest list to three or four different camps and called each of them for info. Not a single one had a live person answering the phone. I had to leave voice messages for all of them — very frustrating as you can imagine.
Finally, two of the four called me back…2 or 3 days later. Waiting was their downfall.

I guarantee you, if they’d called back sooner — and  I mean within an hour, tops — I’d have had a MUCH better first impression of their programs (and we all know how important first impressions are), and I’d have been MUCH more likely to sign up for their camp(s).

But that’s not the only thing. By not being available immediately, they left the door open for their competitors to persuade me to sign up with them. In other words, any amount of time between a prospect leaving you a message and your response to them is a window of opportunity for a competitive camp to swoop in and steal your prospect.

So the main message here is to get back to people quickly — no longer than 1 hour after they contact you — and always have a live person answer the phone if possible. There’s a number of other strategies you can use to increase your lead conversion rate, but starting with an improved response time to inquiries is the first and easiest place to start

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