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Limited Budget but Need to Reach Everyone? Try Door Hangers or Direct Mail

I apologize if you’ve emailed me with a marketing question or comment and I haven’t responded. I’m inundated with them and try to get back to as many as I can, as fast as I can, and I am so sorry I haven’t gotten to yours. If you have a question or comment, you’re always welcome to email me, but if you’re inclined to leave a comment on the blog I think I will get back to you faster.

Meantime, just wanted to share something real quickly regarding an email I got from “Mary H.” who runs a kids soccer day camp in Philadelphia. Mary asked what I thought was the best way to reach EVERY SINGLE FAMILY in a given area quickly and cost-effectively with her summer camp’s marketing message. She only has a VERY limited budget for a one-time shot to get the word out.

What I told her was that she should first do as much FREE promotional stuff as she can. That means lots of community involvement, seminars, PR, blogging, that kind of thing.

But what she was really asking was about paid advertising. My suggestion was (and is) to try door hangers or the United States Postal Service Every Door Direct Mail Program. With either of these strategies, you can reach every single person in a given zip code or mail route, for instance, and if you only have one chance either of these options are among the best.

You probably know what door hangers are. They’re kind of like the “do not disturb” signs you hang on

your hotel doorknob, except they’re hung on people’s front entry doors to their homes instead. You can design a door hanger yourself or use a template, then pay a service to print, deliver and hang them on everyone’s front door within a neighborhood. So when people come home, they may even throw your door hanger away,  but they definitely have to hold it in their hands and look at it first! So if you’ve got a winning offer, a captivating message, and a well-designed door hanger, you’re in really good shape to pick up a few new campers if not a bunch of new prospects.

The Postal Service’s Every Door Direct Mail Program helps you reach anyone you want in any community anywhere at any time. They even have a tool on their website which helps you figure out where to send your direct mail piece, how to design it, how much it’ll cost and more.

Mary, even though I emailed you with additional details, I wanted to post this here for everyone else who may be interested in marketing their camps with direct mail or door hangers or who may be in your same boat with a limited budget to work with. Good luck!

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