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Why Video is Huge for Summer Camp Marketing

Video marketing is one of the top marketing strategies summer camps can use to create awareness for their programs and build emotional bonds with customers. In fact summer camp video marketing is one of the best social networking strategies I know.

There’s almost nothing you can do wrong when marketing your camp with videos. Let’s face it, some of the absolute worst, most unprofessionally made videos EVER often get the most views.

(So that’s video marketing tip #1: If you want your videos to look more “homey,” “down to earth” or have a more “personal feel,” then you don’t need to pay some expensive service to create your videos. Make your own videos instead.)

Another point about marketing your camp with videos: Search engines love them almost as much as people love watching and sharing them with their friends. (So here’s another summer camp video marketing tip: In addition to posting  your videos on YouTube, share them on Google + to get maximum search engine exposure from them.)

In today’s digital marketing age, content creation is king. You can create content any number of ways. Let’s say you’re trying to describe your high ropes activity to a prospect over the phone. Wouldn’t you rather direct that prospect to the high ropes video on  your website rather than trying to describe it to someone who has no idea what you’re talking about? And wouldn’t that prospect rather watch a video about that activity than listen to you try to describe it? Of course they would! Not only is seeing believing, it creates an understanding and helps your develop unique emotional bonds to prospects that leaves them wanting more.

Did you know you can actually build trust and relationships with people through your videos? That’s a huge benefit since camp is a personal, customer service-driven business. Video marketing is one of the few summer camp marketing activities where your personality can really shine. Customers and prospects can get to know you on a deeper level by watching your videos than just reading your website or brochure text. They’ll feel like they already know you after watching your s videos even if you’ve never met in person. Here’s an idea idea you might try.

You know how camps sometimes include a “Letter from the Director” in their brochures and websites welcoming prospects to camp? Why not make that “letter” a video instead? Can you imagine the impression you’d make? A video like that would really strike a cord with prospects helping you to forge an immediate emotional bond you couldn’t achieve otherwise. You’d certainly hold their attention that way!

Now regarding video marketing’s social media aspect, sometimes it’s hard to understand whether sites like YouTube really are social media sites. Of course they are!

YouTube has all the elements of the top social sites. People can comment, share, and like your videos, and send you private messages and all that. And once your video gets outside of YouTube, look out! That’s how videos go viral since people are more likely to share online video content than anything else!

When you get right down to is, showing is ALWAYS better than telling, so how about making a new summer camp video today.

(And let me know when you’re done so I can share your video with my friends!)

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