How to Do a Joint Venture Marketing Deal

From time to time I get emails from people with topics that run the gamut. Some ask me for marketing advice, others just write to say hello, some people flat out challenge and criticize me. I was particularly amused with a message I got today from Tammy, a very angry person who is not a fan of my joint venture marketing ideas. (Tammy didn't say what camp she's affiliated or where it is).

 Apparently Tammy doesn't believe I practice what I preach. Here's what she said:

"Hello Eric, Most of the stuff on your blog is very good information, and truth be told I've used a number of your ideas to help increase my camp enrollment. But I'm calling your bluff on the notion of joint venture marketing -- specifically the "4th Commandment" of your recent "10 Commandments of Summer Camp Marketing" post and the numerous other times you've tried to jam joint venture marketing strategy down our throats. I have tried approaching two companies in my town to propose joint deals with them, but they both rejected me so I gave up. The fact is joint ventures don't work and I'll bet YOU don't even do them, either."

So what do you think I told Tammy in response? Well, I basically just thanked her for writing to me. Then I told her that not every joint venture marketing proposal she makes will work. Then I told her if she'll just be persistent, she'll eventually develop some very worthwhile contacts and joint marketing partners. Then I assured her I always put my money where my mouth is by showing her the exact arrangement/actual marketing piece my camp did with Delta Airlines last year for their employees (and which we are in the midst of setting up with them again this year):

After I sent this to her Tammy never wrote back, but hopefully she can use this a template for setting up her own joint deals. Good luck Tammy!


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