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How to Get the Most Social Media Marketing Benefits from Your Camp Photos

I try to make a point of visiting at least five different summer camp websites and their social media sites each day. It’s the best way to monitor the competition and all that. In many cases I’ve followed the same camps online for years. One thing I keep noticing is that many of these camps are using the same pictures and videos in their marketing that they’ve used forever.

If you’re using the same photos on your social media sites that you used many years ago, I suggest you revisit this practice because you may be severely limiting your social media marketing benefits by doing so.

Some photos are timeless, no doubt about it, so this isn’t to say stop using old photos. But in most cases it’s better to use current camp photos —  preferably from the most recent summer — to maximize your social media marketing benefits especially when marketing to kids themselves. Here’s what I mean.

Imagine a child who attended your camp last summer is visiting your camp’s Instagram page right now.  If he sees a photo of himself at camp last year, he’s MUCH more likely to tag and/or share that photo with friends than if he was looking at very old photos from many years ago with completely unrecognizable kids.

On some of my own sites, I still use photos from 10 years back, but VERY sparingly. In order to get full and complete social media marketing benefits, the majority of your camp pictures must be current and new, not old and used.

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