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What’s the #1 Tip When Marketing To Kids, Teens and Tweens?

I was speaking at conference in Tucson last week when someone asked my opinion for the #1 tip when marketing to kids and teens.

I don’t know if I have a #1 tip, but I can tell you this: When marketing to youth, YOUR CONTENT MUST BE SHORT AND SWEET.

Kids today have short attention spans, in no small part due to their social and mobile media exposure which limits:

  • Text messages to 160 characters
  • Twitter posts (tweets) to 140 characters
  • Vine videos to 6 seconds; and
  • Intagram, which is built exclusively for viewing photos and videos of between 3 and 15 seconds (not to mention character limits on comments of around 240 or less)

So remember: keeping kids and teens engaged requires keeping everything you post brief. Long sentences, videos, and copy won’t work. Pictures, graphics, and short paragraphs will.

If you carry on with long blocks of copy, text or any of that, you’ll lose their interest quickly.

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