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28 “Leading Sentences” You Can Use in Your Content Marketing

Last updated on November 19, 2022

Even though everyone may have different marketing goals, we all use content marketing to achieve them.

For example, you may be trying to get more sales leads, while I may be trying to close more sales.

Your sister may want more Twitter followers, while your girlfriend wants more YouTube.

And so each of us spends time creating and distributing content relevant to our respective marketing goals in hopes of getting our customers and prospects to take some kind of action (follow your sister on Twitter, for instance).

But even though each of us might use different content marketing tools to reach our goals, there’s one thing we can all agree on, one singular purpose we all share:

Each of us wants to capture — and KEEP — our target market’s attention all the way through our respective content marketing messages, because if we can’t we severely hurt our chances of achieving our goals in the first place.

Let’s face it.

If just won’t matter if your sister creates the best YouTube video of all time if she loses people’s interest a few seconds into it.

So how do you capture — and keep — people’s attention all the way through your marketing message?

How do you make them say to themselves, I better keep reading (or watching) so I don’t miss something important?

The secret is that every bit of content you write, do, or say should be created in such a way it naturally LEADS the customer or prospect into the next section of content.

The first way to achieve this is to keep your paragraphs short.

Short paragraphs are easy to read and studies show people have more patience for shorter marketing messages than longer ones.

But here’s another trick I use when I write these blog posts, for example.

I always try to make sure the last line of each paragraph is written in such a way it naturally LEADS people into the next line of content.

Just by virtue of the way the sentences are written, they create a thought in the person’s mind that they better stay tuned or they’ll miss something important.

I’ve put together 28 sentences you can copy and use in your own content marketing. Each of these sentences naturally leads the reader to the next line of content. You’ll see what I mean as you read through them.

As you are perusing the following leading sentences, you will start seeing similarities, principally how each of them creates curiosity in the reader’s mind causing the person to actually WANT to stick with the content all the way through.

I hope you can find use for these sentences somewhere in your content marketing.

And I’m sure once you get the hang of this, it won’t be long before you see how to create a bunch of your own leading sentences.

If you do, I hope you’ll share them with me!

  1. OK, I’ll tell you what…
  2. Let me say that again.
  3. Look at it this way.
  4. Let me tell you a secret.
  5. There’s two reasons I say that.
  6. Here’s what I suggest…
  7. Guess what happened next?
  8. Here’s why I think you should do that.
  9. You won’t believe what we talked about next.  
  10. Guess what they were doing in the other room?
  11. As soon as I turned around, you’ll never believe what I saw.
  12. I’d like to run something by you.
  13. Here’s what she told me.
  14. Let me ask you a question.
  15. I’ll give you a little hint.
  16. Look at it this way.
  17. Incidentally, did you hear about Mary?
  18. There’s something I’ve been meaning to share with you.
  19. There’s something I want to tell you.
  20. Did you hear the good news?
  21. I talked to everyone, and here’s the consensus.
  22. Here’s I how I feel about that.
  23. I’ll get right to the point.
  24. Here’s what I think about that.
  25. You won’t believe what she just said.
  26. Let’s look at this another way. 
  27. Here’s an idea I think you might like.
  28. Let me give you Tom’s position on that.

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