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Top 3 Social Media Quotes by 14-Year-Old Twin Boys

After reading with interest this week the post about how teenagers use social media, I wanted to get my own 14-year-old twin boys’ opinions on the matter. The reason why is because the original blog post was written by a 19-year old college student, and I run a summer camp for kids, so I thought my kids’ insight would be more valuable to me and other people who run youth-serving organizations or companies that market to kids.

Josh and Noah Naftulin, 14 years old

So I asked my boys, Josh and Noah, if I could interview them over video about their social media preferences and post it online but they declined. They’d rather play baseball today since it’s their last day of winter break. But they did say I could have 45 seconds with them to ask a few questions. Here’s what they told me in a nutshell:

  1.  “Twitter is FAR better than Instagram for two reasons. One, it’s much easier to talk to people on Twitter than Instagram, and two, you can post several times a day on Twitter without losing followers. If you post more than once a day on Instagram, you’ll lose followers because anything more than that is annoying and we will stop following you quickly.” 
  2. “The one thing that makes Instagram slightly better than Twitter is that it’s easier to get Intagram followers than Twitter followers. But then again, it’s much easier to lose Instagram followers, too.”
  3. “Facebook is a thing of the past. We haven’t used it in two years. It’s an old person’s site.” 

Food for thought…

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