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Make Sure Prospects Can Find You On Social Media via Your Website's "Contact Us" Page

Does your website's "Contact Us" page include links to your social media sites? If not, you're missing a huge marketing opportunity There's lots of overlooked opportunities in marketing. I don't know why so many stones are left unturned, but it's pretty regrettable because most folks don't realize how making one little change or improvement to your marketing program can have such a huge impact on your bottom line. Here's what I'm getting at. I just visited 10 random summer camp websites. Every one of them is missing a MAJOR social media opportunity because they don't have links to their social media accounts on their "Contact Us" pages on their websites. Go ahead, visit your own website now. Click on your "Contact" page. Does it include a way for website visitors and camp prospects to visit you on social media? If so, congrats -- you're doing a whole lot better than the other 10 websites I saw this morning.