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4 Easy Holiday Marketing Ideas for Your Camp

I don't get the chance to post about summer camp marketing as much as I'd like to anymore, but I didn't want the year to end without giving you a few last-minute marketing ideas you can use for the Holidays. (I say "last minute," but you've still got a couple weeks left so there's still ample time to put these ideas in place if you choose. ) 1. Host a Holiday / Reunion Party Celebrating is on everyone's mind this time of year. "Traditional" organizations throw Holiday parties for their employees, customers, families, clients, and friends. Why not do this for camp? I'm aware of camp's that have New Year's Eve parties, and they charge money for it. Whether you ask people to pay is up to you, but in my mind, the main opportunity/benefit here isn't making money. Instead, it's getting everyone (campers and staff included) back together in one place to reminisce about the good times you had last summer and talk about t

Post a Coupon to Instagram

We just started a new instagram account. Camps that join will have their coupons posted not just to the Camp Coupons website but to Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, too. Post your coupon for just $49 at

Market your camp with coupons

The Camp Coupons site is redesigned and up and running. Market your camp with coupons! Add your camp (and coupon) to the site for just $49 for 1-year. Pretty cheap online marketing if you ask me!

How Three Simple Words Can Exponentially Improve the "Fear Factor" in Your Marketing

Did you know using the "fear factor" to generate enrollment is a hallmark summer camp marketing strategy? Don't get me wrong. I don't think you're consciously trying to "scare" people into signing up for camp. But I'll bet you've been using the fear factor at least two different ways in your marketing -- and I'll bet you've been doing it for years. Early Bird Discount When you offer an Early Bird discount price, you get a huge flurry of enrollment at the end, right? That's because people are afraid of missing the deadline. When you tell folks, "Our Early Bird Discount Expires December 1" (or whatever your particular deadline is), you're using fear to motivate them to sign up by the cutoff date. Limited Availability Another way you use fear in your marketing is by playing the space-availability card. When you tell parents to "sign up now because space is getting full," you make families fearful t

100% Content Marketing Cure For Writer's Block -- Absolutley Foolproof, Works Every Time

Whenever you're struggling with writer's block, drop in a picture instead. Not only will it solve your problem immediately, it will tell your story 100 times better than words ever could, even if you never had writer's block in the first place.