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How Resident Camps Can Get More Camper Prospects Right Now

Last updated on November 14, 2022

Summer camp marketing is like baseball. Making a small adjustment to your approach can result into the huge positive results you’re looking for. Here’s what I mean.

As you may know I own a day camp in Los Angeles. But I also started a 1-week Hawaii sleepaway program last summer.

Even though L.A.’s a huge city, one of the reasons I started the Hawaii camp was because I wanted to reach a worldwide market rather than just a local one.

As a new camp, enrollment was so-so until I made one minor adjustment to my website which vastly improved leads and registrations: I added google’s website translator tool, so now people all over the world (or at least in China and Japan, who I am principally targeting for my overnight program) can read the site in their language.

If you run a day camp, it wouldn’t hurt to add the language translator to your site. But for resident camps who serve campers from all over the world, this is a must-do. I’ve been getting at least two or three inquiries every day from Chinese and Japanese prospects ever since I added this tool. A Chinese family with three kids signed up for camp last week!

You can easily set this tool to translate over 100 languages. And you can put it on any page (or pages) of your site you want. But key is to place it prominently enough where international visitors won’t miss it, but discretely enough that it won’t interfere with the overall design of your site.You will need to play around with it awhile until it’s positioned just so. (I move mine around from time-to-time when I don’t think it looks good and want to improve the design of my site.)

Assuming you have a worldwide market for summer camp prospects, this is something you should start using today.

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