Would You Be Interested in Attending My Camp Fair?

Hi Everyone,

Been a while since I've posted. Quite busy getting ready for camp this year and working on a number of projects. I hope your enrollment is coming along nicely and you're preparing for a big-time year filled with lots of kids.

I wanted to let you know I'm considering putting on a Camp Fair here in Los Angeles at the end of March, beginning of April, something like that. The Camp Fair would be sponsored by CampMarketingNews.com, LASummerCamps.com, and other kid-friendly organizations.

I realize many Camp Fairs take place in February, March and sometimes earlier.

But given the huge number of potential campers in L.A., and considering the fact many families seem to be waiting until later during the spring to register for camp, this timing seems to make sense.

This would also be a good chance for meet in person and get to know each other after so many years of communicating through this blog.

It also a sounds like a good opportunity for all of us. If we decide to move forward, I assure you the price for your camp to attend would be affordable, and I will work my you-know-what off to fill the event with many potential campers for you. 

I will have more information about this opportunity in the coming days, and I am ready to get to work on this. But, before I do anything else, I'd like to know if you'd be interested in attending the Camp Fair I'd promote.

I've put a quick poll at the top of the page, so if you wouldn't leaving a comment or taking the poll just so I can gauge potential interest as to whether I move forward, I'd appreciate it. I'm ready to get to work on this for you. Thanks!

- Eric


  1. We are a local Austin, Texas, camp and would not benefit from participating in a LA camp fair - so no thank you.

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  3. Would you market this as a day or overnight camp event? Would you promote it for camp outside of LA? We are a midwest overnight camp with a CA presence which I would love to increase. But the success of a fair in part depends on how it is marketed to the families.

    1. Hi Matt,

      Our intention is to market this for both day and resident camps. I am intending to market this event as hard as I can to get many prospective kids and families to attend. I have been on ACA camp fair committees in the past and have a pretty good idea how to do it. The date we're looking at is April 23. Thanks!



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