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Can't Make the April 23 Camp Fair? We can Distribute Your Brochures Anyway!

As you many know, I'm putting on a Camp Fair April 23 in Calabasas. I've been to many Camp Fairs over the years and have promoted many others. This one's gonna be big. Right now we have approximately 20 camps attending. We have room for about 20 more. The registration fee is $195 until March 20, and $225 thereafter. Both day and resident camps will be displaying at this Camp Fair. The types of camps will be in separate areas making it easy for parents to distinguish the difference. Can't Make the Camp Fair? Let us Distribute Your Brochures and Marketing Materials Anyway! We're expecting a nice turnout of many potential campers for you, but even if you can't make the Camp Fair or don't want to come, you can still get your promotional materials in front of everyone who attends. We'll have a "resource table" at the entry and exit doors filled with brochures, flyers and other materials from camps who aren't attending. If you'd

How to Connect With Hot Camper Prospects You Didn't Even Know You Have

As you can imagine I get asked many different marketing questions from many different people, but one question comes up time and again? How can I get more campers right now? I could probably spend days showing you how. But here's a quick tip: Focus on your hottest prospects first -- those most likely to sign up for camp or who've expressed interest in doing so -- and go after the colder prospects later. Not only is this a sound marketing strategy, it's easier on your marketing budget, too. Now maybe you're asking yourself who your "hottest prospects" are? There's tons of them! Two groups that come immediately to mind are: Campers who attended your program last summer (and even the year before) but who haven't signed up yet for this year; and Families who've emailed, called, or otherwise inquired about your program, such as asking for a brochure or other information But there is one additional group of people -- potentially HUNDREDS OF